Terms & Conditions

Allergy or other dietary requirements

If you have an allergy that could harm your health, or have religious requirements (such as halal or kosher), we strongly advise you to contact the restaurant directly before you place your order. We can help you do that, just call us on 03 9562-9953.

Availability and Delivery

Our aim is to ensure you get the best delivery service possible. Unfortunately, things do not always go to plan and factors, such as traffic conditions and weather, may occasionally prevent us, or our Restaurant situations, from achieving our targets in this regard. We will do our best to ensure that your Meal is delivered by the time specified in the email and webpage. The timing of your order is determined by taking into account the number of orders and the circumstances being faced by the Restaurant at that time.


Payment for orders can be made by debit/credit card in advance. We surcharge of 1.5% on the transaction amount on credit card products and Amex is not accepted. Alternatively, you can pay by debit/credit card online with PayPal, the safe and easy way to pay online. Upon submitting your order details, you are making an offer to us to purchase the item(s) you have specified in your order form.

Order Restrictions

Online Orders for delivery will only be accepted from addresses with postcodes which lie within our delivery area as determined by our postcode finder (subject to a minimum delivery order value – please refer to our Delivery Charges). Online Orders may only be placed during the Online Ordering Service opening times which are clearly displayed on our Menu pages.


You have the right to cancel an order 2hours in advance and before the order has been processed. An order will be classified as being processed as soon as food has been used to start preparing the order. Customers can cancel an order by telephoning the store number is 03) 9562-9953. Any order cancelled after the order has been processed will be classified as a “Bad Order" and will be charged to the customer, and no refund will be given. Any orders cancelled in accordance with these cancellation provisions and before the order has been processed will not be charged. Any payment made prior to an order being cancelled within the specified time will be reimbursed using the same method as used by the customer to make the payment.