Our dishes adhere to the Japanese virtue of serving natural and healthy meals. We use high-quality raw ingredients, classic cooking techniques, and distinctive interior design, we brought features from the realm of fine dining to the world of quick-service restaurants.

In Gyoza King, we offer:

Customised combo

Gyoza King selects several popular combinations. For each combination, it is customised with various options for each item. Build your own combo now, every single item you got is exactly the one what you chose.

Take away

No matter you are grabbing food to the beach or going out for a picnic, no matter you are seeking a quick eat during the lunch break or having a family dinner at home, Gyoza King’s take away services allows you to have the delicious and delightful Japanese food with you everywhere you are.


If you’re craving Gyoza King but can’t make it to a store, relax – we’ve got you covered. What we got at Gyoza King is unique, amazing and the fastest delivery team in Australia. Order your food from our website or App and our Gyoza King delivery team will bring your favourite food and your new delivery experience to you.

Environment friendly

Gyoza King uses environment friendly package, each plates and bag for take away and delivery is disposable. We are proud to be able to help create a greener future for Australia and for the environment as well.

Fantastic service

From kitchen to store, all staff have received professional training on cooking or services to maximise our service quality & efficiency and provide the world-class service to each customer whether for dining in, take away or delivery.

Speedy food

Emerging cooking technique, experienced chef, efficient waiting staff and faster delivery team allow your food to be served faster than your order. No more time wasted on waiting, you deserve more time to enjoy the food and explore the world!